Hospitality is a tool to expand sustenance and extend our life. The larger the cross-sectional area and the greater the contents, the greater the pressure that can be faced.


If the pressure is a force (push) that remains perpendicular to the unit area. Then the smaller the sectional area of the force the greater the pressure produced and vice versa. If F is the push force (impetus) acting on the surface of the cross-section A, then the pressure P is formulated as follows: P = F / A

In the SI system, the force is measured in Newton and the area is measured in m2. Thus, the unit of pressure is N / m2 also referred to as the Pascal or Pa unit, in honor of the French physicist Blaise Pascal (1623-1662).

Here’s an example of applying the concept of stress to everyday events:

  • In the truck, most of the vehicle’s weight pressure is centered on the rear axle so that the rear wheels are mounted double to prevent the tires from collapsing and the roads become damaged;
  • The foundation of the tall building is made as wide as possible so as not to collapse due to the enormous pressure from the building;
  • All cutting tools such as knives, machetes, and axes are sharply shaped at the cutting edge so that the cross-sectional area is reduced and the resulting pressure increases.

Celebrating Eid with the ordinance that covers and encompasses the necessities of life as a whole, both spiritual and physical. In Southeast Asia especially Indonesia Idul Fitri themed friendship, on this day we met with relatives and friends. Describes unity as a symbol of brotherhood.

If before this we as a human walk alone, the relationship is tenuous and only cooperate in incidental circumstances, especially when each has felt pressed, squeezed and thrown. Let us strengthen our brotherhood.

So on this holy day, we ask the prayer to Allah Almighty, hopefully, the God pointed at the hearts of the Muslims, especially the leaders, in order to mobilize the unity and unity of people who can raise the degree of the Muslims to a more perfect level and better than the past year.

Therefore, let us simultaneously utter the words “Minal ‘Aidin Wal Faizin” a spark of a soul filled with hope and optimism, hopefully, God makes us belong to the group of people who return (from the struggle) with a victory.


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